Google speeds up in response to Bing!

If you didn't notice Google quietly just turned on AJAX search results.

What's AJAX'ing search result pages do?
That means you don't need to reload and re-render an entirely new search result page when you type in a new search query. Only the parts of the page that changed need to be replaced (the results and ads). Re-rendering an entire new page is slower because the browser must look at the HTML, parse, render, and interpret JavaScript every time you load a new URL.

Why does this matter?
Money money moooooney. Site speed is a huge deal for search engines. Speeding up your results usually means more searches. Which also means more ad clicks, bing bing :).

I have a feeling this was in response to Bing being faster than Google when Bing launched. At least we know Google is on it's toes. I'm still a share holder.

Full disclosure: I worked at Google as a software engineer on AdSense from 2003-2007.


  1. well you are right more searches more speed results direct benefit relevancy and the quality is already the supreme of google.

  2. In fact, Google search can easily be thrown away from the history, if they will continue to make only "cosmetic" changes. Theoretically, they declare they want the search to be as precise as possible, practically, they are still fail to do so for the last 10 years.

    If you are interested you can read on this in my blog: http://on-meaning.blogspot.com/2011/06/great-blunders-of-modern-it-and-their.html